Determining the right individual to assign as a trustee

Determining the right individual to assign as a trustee

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Wills And Trusts |

A lot of work goes into determining if a trust is right for certain Louisiana residents. They usually work closely with an adviser to help them find the right trust, and they may do extensive research to be sure that the trust they have decided upon is right for their needs. One step that seems to be easy but may be a bit more complicated than one at first thinks is choosing the right trustee.

At first, a person may feel that the right trustee for their situation is someone with whom they have a personal connection, like a family member. However, some have found that it is more beneficial to view this as a business decision as opposed to a personal one. In order for a trust to be successful, the trustee has to have the right objectivity, dedication and knowledge.

In order for a person to choose a trustee who will carry out their wishes and perform the necessary duties, a person needs to understand the fiduciary responsibilities of the trustee. The trustee will play a key role in making distributions to an individual’s beneficiaries. They need to be familiar with tax planning and filing and investment management. The trustee will be the one who will protect the trust’s assets. Carrying out these tasks may be stressful or difficult for a beneficiary who simply has a personal connection to the individual setting up the trust.

Choosing the right trustee is essential when it comes to ensuring that an individual’s financial legacy is protected and that their wishes are carried out. Some individuals speak with an estate planning attorney as they make this decision. The attorney may be able to provide more information about wills and trusts. They may also be able to provide practical assistance when it comes to drawing up documents.