Electronic wills are convenient but have some disadvantages

Electronic wills are convenient but have some disadvantages

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Successions And Probate |

Some Louisiana residents may be happy to know that electronic wills may become a reality in some states. The Uniform Electronic Wills Act is serving as a model for states that are interested in adopting a form of this legislation.

One of the biggest advantages that comes from electronic wills is the fact that they are more convenient to create. No physical paper needs to pass between the hands of the individual who creates the will and a notary. The process would involve a person electronically filling out a form in order to create a will. They would then have a video chat with a notary and answer a few questions. The notary would send a notarized copy of the will to the user electronically. The will can also be stored online.

While there are no hard and fast rules, it seems like electronic wills may be better for younger individuals who have few assets. Creating an electronic will is better than not having a will. However, individuals who have significant assets may wish to stick to the old-fashioned route.

There are some concerns that people have regarding the disadvantages of electronic wills. For example, older individuals may be susceptible to abuse or undue influence. When a lawyer does not have to be physically present, there may be questions of an individual being forced to sign a will they did not create.

In order for people to be sure that their estate is cared for and that their wishes are carried out when they are incapacitated or upon their death, they need to prepare legally binding documents, including a will and a power of attorney. Some have turned to a lawyer to get help with estate planning and to provide information regarding the probate process.