How can you protect yourself during the construction of a home?

How can you protect yourself during the construction of a home?

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Building a new home in Louisiana is an exciting endeavor and one that can allow you to use your creativity and imagination to create a house that is perfectly suited for your family. To build a home that will provide shelter, safety and an environment for your family to gather and make memories, is going to require the workmanship and skill of various professionals. With the right people doing the work on your home, you can have confidence in its quality, durability and reliability. 

In hiring and working with construction professionals across industries such as electrical, plumbing, framing and roofing, it is critical that you enforce your expectations through the use of a contractual agreement. Working without one is an extreme risk to you and to the people you hire. A poorly written contract or one that does not address the unique characteristics of your home and its construction, may not be able to provide adequate legal protection for you if there is a disagreement between you and the other party. 

According to, some of the most critical parts of any contract, especially the one you develop for the construction of your home, will be terms and conditions for payment of fees and the pricing of various materials and projects. Your contract should discuss where you plan to acquire the materials and how much they are estimated to cost. It should clearly outline how subcontractors will be paid and what conditions they will be required to meet before payment is given. Along with your expectations should be clearly written consequences that will be handed down if the subcontractors you hire fail to abide by the terms of the contract. 

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