What is an implied contract?

What is an implied contract?

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Most people think of a contract as a written agreement between two parties that dictates their responsibilities to each other. This agreement may include work to be performed, goods to be supplied, purchase prices, and the length of time that the obligations will remain in place.

While commemorating an agreement in writing is the best way to ensure its legal validity, there are instances where a contract may be implied and therefore legally enforceable even if not in written form.

An implied contract arises from the actions of the parties involved. Demonstrating consistency in these actions will go a long way toward establishing an implied contract. For example, if an individual mows a lawn and is paid $25 each time over the course of 10 instances, then isn’t paid at all for the 11 instance, then it could be claimed that there has been a breach of an implied contract. This is because the parties’ actions established a pattern of work being exchanged for a particular amount of money.

Implied contracts can arise in a lot of contexts, but regardless of the circumstances, they are just as enforceable as a written contract. An implied contract doesn’t even require verbal approval to be deemed valid. However, given the nature of these agreements, they are somewhat challenging to prove. Oftentimes this is due to the mere fact that there is no documentation to help prove the actions that support a finding that an implied contract existed.

People and businesses are taken advantage of all the time. This is unacceptable, which is why these parties need to take it upon themselves to seek an outcome that supports their best interests. A skilled legal professional may be able to help address these types of contract disputes, regardless of whether the contract in question is express or implied.