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November 2019 Archives

What are the benefits of a living will?

Some people call it a living will, others call it an advance health care directive and many have another name entirely. Regardless of what you call it, it's critical to understand the benefits and whether or not it's a good addition to your estate plan.

An overview of the LLC structure

Louisiana business owners who are interested in protection against liability may be interested in creating a limited liability company (LLC). One of the key benefits of having an LLC is that the owners of the business are not typically personally liable for the organization's debts. Furthermore, they are less likely to lose their personal assets if a judgment is entered against the LLC. Another potential benefit is the ability to choose how the entity is taxed.

Common emotional roadblocks to estate planning

One of the hardest conversations that a Louisiana family can have is determining what will happen if someone in the family, especially the parents, were to die. No one likes thinking about their mortality, but it is inevitable. While the conversation of an estate plan may be difficult to have, it is necessary. Here are a few of the most common emotional roadblocks that families experience when establishing an estate plan.

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