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When a competitor accuses your business of wrongdoing

Business law encompasses many legal issues, from those which involve staff members and the formation of a business to matters involving business activity in a particular state. However, those which involve competitors can be especially tough for different reasons, and in some cases a competitor may even decide to take legal action. If your business has been targeted by one of your competitors, it is important to understand all of your legal options and handle the case in the most sensible manner, since there may be much at stake. In some instances, these cases are based on exaggerated details or claims that have been completely fabricated.

Lawsuits targeting inexperienced business owners

Our law firm understands that some business lawsuits can be especially tough, such as those which target a new or inexperienced business owner. Perhaps you have recently launched a business and you are not familiar with certain legal obligations or you are unsure of how to handle a lawsuit. Sometimes, new business owners are especially likely to find themselves in this position, especially if they are not aware of the ins and outs of employment law. However, many have also been falsely accused of wrongdoing, and litigation can be stressful for any business owner (let alone one who has not been running a company for very long).

How can I save my sinking company?

Businesses fail in Louisiana and across the United States at alarming rates every year. Yet, entrepreneurs continue to take the risk in hopes of coming out on top. The universal problem that tends to lead to business failure is lack of capital or cash-in-hand to keep operations running smoothly. However, there is often more to the story than just this surface result.

Legal issues concerning international business

As a business owner, you likely want your business to reach new heights and are always on the lookout for opportunities. Depending on your circumstances, expanding your business may be a smart move and it may be very lucrative for you to branch out into another country. Whether you run a food chain and are looking for franchisees in another country or you own a business in any other industry, this could be a transformative and incredibly profitable venture. However, it is essential to make sure that you have taken into account all legal issues related to international business.

Benefits of an NDA

Companies and entrepreneurs in Louisiana understandably have to find ways to protect their business interests. This can feel like a challenge at times when they need to share sensitive information with other parties in order to conduct and grow business. It is at these times that a nondisclosure agreement, or a confidentiality agreement, may be a necessary and useful tool. 

Legal matters to consider when launching a small business

If you are a prospective business owner, you might have a number of legal topics to take into consideration. For example, you could be trying to figure out which type of business structure will be best. However, there are many other legal considerations that you may have to review, such as contracts, registering your business and taking care of tax matters. We understand how stressful it can be to launch a business, regardless of its size. However, this can also be a time of great opportunity and potential, and it is pivotal to handle legal matters appropriately to improve your chances of success and avoid roadblocks.

Business formation types that limit personal liability

When you have an idea for a Louisiana small business, one of the first important decisions you will need to make is what type of business structure you want to establish. Different business structures can help you accomplish different objectives, and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, recognizes that different business structures bring with them varying levels of personal liability, and he has helped many clients looking to reduce their level of personal liability in their businesses establish business formation types that meet their needs.

Legal matters addressed by company policies

There are laws in Louisiana as well as federal laws that relate directly to how local businesses conduct their operations. One of the methods of ensuring compliance with these is through the company's policies and procedures. Chron.com explains that these define the responsibilities of everyone in the company.

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