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City of Baton Rouge looks to clarify zoning code

Land is only as good as the use to which it can be put. This is especially true in the business context. After all, commercial real estate that is too restrictive may cripple a business's operations, thereby stunting its growth and threatening its very viability. This is why business owners need to thoroughly vet all commercial real estate before taking steps toward leasing or purchasing it.

Land deal holding up commercial real estate redevelopment

Our city is in a constant state of development and redevelopment. At the heart of that expansion and revitalization are business people who are cutting deals to make change happen. Although from a distance these business opportunities seem to fall into place, up close it becomes apparent that they in fact require a lot of work to pull off successfully. This is why in many cases individuals who are engaged in business practices often seek guidance from an attorney who can ensure they are operating in their business's best interests.

Is Amazon acquiring commercial property in Baton Rouge?

Real estate is expensive. Yet, for business looking to startup as well as those that are looking to expand their operations can find good deals on property that meet their needs. Even if a price tag looks hefty, whether that means leasing or purchasing commercial real estate, effective negotiation can set the stage for success. It can ensure that the property in question is functional, not overly restrictive, cost-effective, and beneficial for supply and consumer accessibility.

Rezoning request may make or break proposed development

Savvy business owners know that the commercial property they secure for their endeavors can make a world of difference. It can give a business visibility, accessibility to both consumers and suppliers, and further the business's practices. Yet, finding the right commercial real estate is no easy task.

Drago's secures commercial real estate for new location

Securing the right commercial real estate can be a critical part of building a successful business. After all, it can set you up with more exposure and increased operations. While finding the right property can be challenging enough when considering location, there are a number of other considerations that must be made to ensure the best possible outcome. Failing to take these factors into account can leave a business saddled with debt and a location that disallows it from fulfilling its needs

Louisiana School Boards Association secures building downtown

Having the right place to do business can set you up for success. It can ensure that certain costs and expenses are minimized as fully as possible and that adequate space and resources are available to carry out the business's functions.

Commercial real estate dispute heading to trial again

Acquiring real estate is often a pivotal piece of business development. Without it, an entrepreneur or investor lacks the resources needed to expand and grow an existing business, or get a new business off the ground. A lot of consideration has to be given to real estate transactions, too, since zoning laws and other restrictions can limit its use. But in some cases, merely purchasing commercial real estate can be a long up hill battle.

Baton Rouge upscale office space struggling to find tenants

If you're in the market for commercial real estate, then you need to carefully consider whether leasing or purchasing is in your best interests. With each option comes a number of responsibilities, obligations, and advantages.

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