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How can I refinance commercial real estate?

If the time has come to refinance commercial real estate, it is important to know what to do. You may have man questions about refinancing commercial real estate and it is important to have answers to those questions and know what to expect from the process.

Legal protections for commercial real estate transactions

Commercial real estate and residential real estate are significant investments which is why it is important for purchasers and sellers to be familiar with the legal protections necessary to protect their investment. Different factors can lead to real estate litigation so it is essential to know how to protect the investment that is being made.

Restaurant chain purchased including restaurant in Baton Rouge

Commercial real estate transactions can be complex but with the right help, they can also provide excellent opportunities. Restaurant chain Romano's Macaroni Grill recently completed the purchase of the Sullivan's Steakhouse Chain which includes a restaurant in Baton Rouge. The purchase of the chain was completed for $32 million. The complete sale includes the purchase of 14 restaurants which includes the restaurant in Baton Rouge.

What is venture capital?

If you are planning on a commercial real estate purchase or starting up a business, you may have wondered about funding options including venture capital. You may wonder what venture capital is and if it is a good option for you so having some answers can help.

Shopping center in Baton Rouge purchased for $4.075 million

Commercial real estate opportunities are all around which is why those interested in a purchase or a sale, should be familiar with the process. A shopping center in Baton Rouge was recently purchased for over $4 million. A Baton Rouge entity purchased the 14,398 square foot shopping center for $4.075 million. The shopping center is comprised of 3 stand-alone buildings, a stand-alone restaurant and 2 strip mall shopping centers. It was built in 2000 and is near an office development and surrounded by neighborhoods. The shopping center boasts national, regional and local tenants.

The importance of successful real estate transactions

In many instances, the importance of a successful real estate transaction cannot be overstated. This is true in the context of commercial real estate and residential real estate and the success or failure of a real estate transaction can have a potentially significant impact on a business.

Company acquires land in Baton Rouge with plans to build

There is a lot to know when acquiring property and planning a construction project but there are also many legal tools and resources to help address those concerns. A Petroleum company recently purchased a 2.8 acre tract of land in Louisiana to build a convenience store on. The deal was filed in East Baton Rouge and noted that the company paid $1.5 million for the vacant piece of land. A spokesperson for the company noted that it plans to open a convenience store on the site in 2019.

What is a zoning variance and how can I get one?

There are different methods of addressing an unfavorable zoning ordinance and one of them may be to seek a variance. When zoning laws are concerned, it can be helpful to understand the different legal tools and options available to help property owners when zoning-related issues pop up.

What to do when zoning problems come up

Zoning is essentially the regulation of land use by the government for planning purposes, among others. Zoning laws can come into conflict with the interests of a property owner or developer and are an important aspect of commercial real estate and real estate law to understand.

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