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Remedies for breach of contract

A breach of contract can cause serious problems for a business that relies on a contract relationship it has with its business partners. As a result, it is important for businesses who are seeking to enforce a contract or have been on the receiving end of a contract breach to understand their legal rights and remedies.

How to deal with a breach of contract

Nobody wants a contract dispute to interrupt their business deal but when a contract breach arises, it is important to know how to handle it. A contract relationship creates obligations between the parties. When one party fails to perform their obligations, it is referred to as a breach of contract.

Navigating around potential contract dispute can be best strategy

You know that feeling when a storm is brewing? It feels like something is on the horizon, a shift in the atmosphere is going to bring on a whole slew of severe weather. Sometimes, business relationships can feel like that, like something has been waiting beneath the surface to impact your business and your relationship. While these things can sometimes blow over with minimal impact, other times there are strategic ways to address strained business relationships.

What are the elements of a contract?

When conducting business every day, and entering many contracts, it is helpful to understand the basic elements of a contract. Certain elements of a contract must be met for the contract to be valid. The basic definition of a contract is an agreement between parties creating mutual obligations.

Ways to work through a breach of contract: Your options

In America, contracts are simply a way of life. Business owners make them to protect themselves from problems. For example, a good contract with another business could guarantee deliveries at a certain time. A contract with employees could make sure they don't share important information with competitors.

Protections for contract disputes

As this blog recently discussed, unfortunately, contract disputes can arise and can create strain for a small business or important business relationships. It is best to know how to resolve contract disputes and get the business relationship back on track as quickly as possible whenever possible. It is also important for small business owners to know how to protect their interests related to drafting a contract, as well as how to protect their interests if a contractual relationship has been broken.

How do I respond when a contract has been breached?

Businesses are entering contracts every day which makes contracts an important component of a company's daily business. Businesses also rely on the contracts they enter into so a business owner will likely wonder what to do when they have suffered a breach of contract. As any business owner no doubt knows, contracts are an important part of doing business as they provide protections for the parties and set out obligations, rules and guidelines that govern the business relationship.

Five types of construction defect claims

Imagine you buy a newly constructed home, move your entire family in and then the first rain of the season hits the home hard. Suddenly, the windows and roof are leaking and you feel like you're living under a waterfall. This is not how a newly constructed home should behave in a heavy storm; the contractor that built your residence clearly did something wrong.

What is a breach of contract and what do I do about it?

The legal process encourages parties to freely contract with one another for the mutual benefit of the parties. Contracts are important for many businesses, business relationships and the health of the businesses in question. At times circumstances may change in a business relationship and a business may find itself facing a breach of contract which can be devastating to a business, making it important to know how to respond.

Contract clauses you many want to consider

When two or more parties come together and decide to make a business deal, the next step is to make a contract that goes over all the details. The contract will entail the expectations and responsibilities of each party to the deal. There are other things to consider, especially in relation to breach. A good contract will contain what to do about instances of breach of contract to simplify and expedite an already unfortunate situation.

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