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Private mergers attractive option for those with privacy concerns

When thinking about your business, are there certain details you wouldn't want shared with the public? For publicly traded companies, there really isn't an option to keep secrets, other than trade secrets or other related content. This is because publicly traded companies are regulated and controlled on a different level than private businesses.

The basics of a merger

For any business owner considering a merger, there is a lot they should know. A merger is a big step for any business which is why it is essential for business owners to understand how the merger process works. Mergers can have an impact on not only the business but shareholders, stakeholders, directors, managers, employees and customers as well so they should not be approached or considered lightly.

The process of merging or acquiring a business

One way to grow a business is by merging with another business or acquiring an existing business. The process is similar to beginning a new business but can also provide a head start. It is important to keep in mind when merging businesses or acquiring a business to protect the existing business. When considering a merger or acquisition as a growth opportunity, it is important to understand each and the differences between the two.

Major merger planned for Louisiana

This blog recently discussed the importance and helpfulness of mergers and acquisitions when growing a business and the important steps to take when endeavoring through a merger or acquisition. A recently announced major merger deal between a satellite phone operator in a nearby Louisiana community about an hour east of the Baton Rouge area helps to illustrate that. The satellite phone company will be merging with a landline company in a $1.65 million merger deal.

Shareholders, others can be affected by merger or acquisition

Is it time for your business to merge or expand? Maybe the market and your company's position make it a key time to seek out a merger or acquisition strategy. Many factors can impact whether such a business move will go smoothly and in your favor. While there are always surprises, it's how you and your business plan for those potential unfortunate situations during big business decisions, like mergers and acquisitions, that can help steer a business to a more favorable outcome.

Determine company value in the process of merger, acquisition

Do you know the value of your business? This can be a difficult question to answer, especially when trying to pin it down to an exact number. Since businesses are always changing and the landscape in which they operate is too, it can feel like a floating number. There are a few ways to help determine an actual value for your business.

Thinking of merging with your business competitor? We're here

Whether you own a small business, a medium sized business with several locations or a large multi-national firm, you are always thinking of ways to improve and grow your business. Sometimes, growth and progress can come when a business merges with or acquires their competitor. It's a good way to corner the market for sure. Whatever your thinking behind a merger or acquisition, the experts at Dale M Maas Attorney at Law are here to support it.

Two banks merge to become 3rd largest in Louisiana

Sometimes people don't realize that banks have other responsibilities beyond securing an account holder's money and providing loans when needed. While these are admirable day-to-day operations for the average bank, banks are also a business that need to make money. They have profit structures, expenses and try to draw new business just as much as any other industry. Two Louisiana banks have merged to become the 3rd largest bank in Louisiana.

Mergers and acquisitions could mean competitive negotiation

Business is business, or so they say. Often being a manager or owner of a business can come with instances of competing interests and situations in which businesses collide. If your business is looking to merge or be acquired or acquire another, there are often situations of have or have not. This is because these instances force companies to barter, negotiate and set terms that benefit them.

Thinking about merging your Baton Rouge business with another?

If your business is ready to take the next step and merge with another business, that's great! For a business to be profitable enough or desirable enough to be attractive to a competitor or someone similar in the industry is a compliment. As the owner of a small business, you have likely worked very hard to build the business into what it is today. There are lots of angles to consider when thinking about beginning a merger of a business.

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