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Aspects of due diligence as it relates to acquisitions

On its face, a business acquisition seems relatively straightforward. One business essentially decides to buy another for the purpose of expanding its business operations and/or reducing costs. Yet, the process can be much more challenging.

Another bank merger happens in Louisiana

Bank mergers seem to be a trending event across the nation, and Louisiana is no different. In this respect, MidSouth Bank and Hancock Whitney recently announced that they will be merging. The deal is more like an acquisition, though the parties involved are referring to it as a bank merger, as Hancock and Whitney will be assuming all of MidSouth's assets. Once the deal is complete, which is expected to occur later this year, Hancock Whitney is expected to have an additional $1.9 billion in asset, nearly $1 billion in loans, approximately $1.4 billion in deposits.

Oil company's acquisition may set stage for industry

Mergers and acquisitions are a great way to expand a business and increase profitability. Buying another business or merging with it can reduce costs and expand client base. Of course, there's also some risk involved with each of these processes.

Louisiana cancer center merging with cancer center in Mississippi

Businesses in the Baton Rouge area are constantly looking for ways to grow. In many instances this is the best way to increase profits. Simply opening up new locations is one way to go about expanding, but another option is to engage in mergers and acquisitions. By doing so, a business can broaden its consumer base, reduce costs and even solidify supply chains.

Merger could create country's sixth largest bank

Recently on this blog we discussed the forecast of bank mergers and acquisitions right here in Baton Rouge. Experts suspect that smaller banks will continue to combine their forces to reduce costs and expand client bases. To see just how powerful a merger or acquisition can be, one need only look at the plan two regional banks have in mind that, if enacted, could make it one of the biggest banks in the country.

Bank mergers and acquisitions expected in the coming year

Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective way to expand a business. They can consolidate resources and supply chains, cut out middle men, and allow expansion into new markets and new customer bases. While many think that mergers and acquisitions only occur at the massive corporate level, this simply isn't the case. Small and medium-sized businesses right here in Baton Rouge engage in these business transactions all the time.

Business law: the basics of an acquisition

People often hear about mergers and acquisitions when major companies come together and make massive deals. The truth of the matter, though, is that many mergers and acquisitions occur amongst small and medium sized businesses, meaning that these maneuvers are must more common and much more accessible than many realize. Therefore, businesses that are looking to expand their market share, streamline their systems and reduce costs may one to consider one of these options.

Pharmaceutical merger will create mega-drug maker

The Illinois business landscape is a changing landscape. Businesses come and go, while others are bought and sold. Sometimes, though, two businesses merge into one. There can be a variety of benefits to a merger, including increased income, streamlined processes and cost savings. However, completing a merger can be a challenging task, and not without risks. This is why the merger process needs to be carried out carefully to not only ensure that the transaction is legally valid, but also so that those involved get exactly what they bargain for.

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