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Should Southwest solve 737 MAX problem with an acquisition?

Business decisions should be made with a specific goal in mind. Oftentimes, this goal is simply to increase one's client base and profits. While market research and development can play a major role in making these decisions, sometimes businesses have to make decisions in response to the changing market landscape. Sometimes these choices can mean the difference between staying alive and floundering.

Proposed pharmaceutical merger draws sharp criticism

The business world has seen a lot of mergers lately. Telecommunications giants are attempting to combine their forces to better compete in a tight marketplace, and banks have merged in an attempt to expand their reach and secure a greater market share. Before each of these mergers is finalized, careful negotiations must be undertaken in order to reach an agreement that is fair for all parties involved. Those businesses that simply fold are likely to be taken advantage of to the detriment of their owners, their employees, and their customers.

The various types of mergers

Building a business form the ground up can be a monumental task. Those businesses that are able to do so often find themselves plateauing at a certain point. Although they may be able to hire more people, acquire new commercial property, or diversify their business offerings, sometimes that isn't enough. This is where a merger may prove beneficial.

GE faces allegations of fraud over oil merger

We've spent some time on this blog discussing the benefits of mergers and acquisitions. These processes can help companies expand their operations, reduce their costs, and penetrate new markets. As helpful as mergers and acquisitions can be, though, they must be carried out carefully. Those agreements that are inadequate or lack transparency can result in business litigation, as evidenced by one recently filed lawsuit.

Louisiana newspapers swept up in recent merger

It wasn't that long ago that newspapers were the number one source of current events on the local, national, and international level. Yet, as the Internet grew and this information became more widely available, more and more newspapers went out of business. In fact, nearly 2,000 local newspapers have disappeared since 2004, leading to about a 25% drop in newsroom employment.

Should your Baton Rouge business consider a merger?

There are a number of ways that a business can grow. One way is to engage in more aggressive and targeted marketing campaigns. Another way is to increase spending in development of new products and services. Expanding operations to other locations and increasing one's online presence can help spur growth, too.

Business acquisitions can take many forms

There are a number of ways that businesses can expand their operations. Amongst these options are mergers and acquisitions. These business tactics can be beneficial not only for a business that is looking to reduce costs and expand operations, but also for those businesses that are looking to consolidate or exit the market with significant profits in their pockets.

Sprint and T-Mobile merger may be put on hold

Mergers can be a great way to further business's interests by increasing their market share, broadening their services, allowing them to enter new markets, and reducing costs. The process can be enormously complex, though, even when the businesses involved in a merger are relatively small.

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