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What is a zoning variance and how can I get one?

There are different methods of addressing an unfavorable zoning ordinance and one of them may be to seek a variance. When zoning laws are concerned, it can be helpful to understand the different legal tools and options available to help property owners when zoning-related issues pop up.

What to do when zoning problems come up

Zoning is essentially the regulation of land use by the government for planning purposes, among others. Zoning laws can come into conflict with the interests of a property owner or developer and are an important aspect of commercial real estate and real estate law to understand.

Office building purchased in Baton Rouge area for $746,000

This blog recently discussed the importance of parties protecting themselves during a commercial real estate transaction. A Baton Rouge office building recently sold for $746,000 and is considered a unique office building for the area. The building is a 4,200 square foot building. The office building also backs up to a swamp. A representative for the buyer in the transaction noted that it can be challenging to find office buildings that are free standing and between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet.

Protecting interests in a commercial real estate transaction

The success of a commercial real estate transaction or other real estate transaction can depend on a variety of legal or other considerations. As a result, when contemplating a commercial real estate transaction or other real estate transaction it is helpful to be familiar with the moving parts and legal protections.

We can help with your Louisiana commercial real estate needs

Commercial real estate is big business in Baton Rouge - and across Louisiana. It is intertwined with all of the state's major economic sectors, from oil and gas extraction and refining, to tourism, shipping, construction and banking. If there is an industry that needs property to operate, commercial real estate will inevitably be implicated.

Baton Rouge commercial real estate deal plans retail expansion

As the landscape of the Baton Rouge commercial area continues to change, another multi-million dollar deal has landed. A Parkland-based company as agreed a site-assemblage of the development of a soon-to-be upscale shopping center. Many of these plans have been hitting the ground running as of late. These retail areas have modern updates and are nothing like the large-space shopping giants of mini-mall past.

Baton Rouge franchisee sells 26 Baton Rouge area McDonald's

A well-known Baton Rouge area franchisee has reportedly sold 26 McDonald's restaurant locations to a different investor. Franchises are a great way to become a part of a larger business opportunity that allows for investment and growth in a more well-known brand or company.

How do I buy a franchise? Part 1

Franchise opportunities can be excellent business opportunities, but it is important to know how to approach them and get answers to all of your questions beforehand. Franchising can offer less control than if the entrepreneur owns their own business. A franchise refers to a business model in which the owner of a business sells the rights to their business model, name and logo to an entrepreneur to use.

Part 2: How do I buy a franchise?

Once the entrepreneur has decided on franchising, it is both necessary and important to conduct their due diligence. To begin with, the entrepreneur should obtain a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular which will include reports about the franchise's legal, financial and personnel history. It is also necessary to ensure the franchisee understands the rules and regulations associated with the franchise and the type of help them will receive.

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