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Drago's secures commercial real estate for new location

Securing the right commercial real estate can be a critical part of building a successful business. After all, it can set you up with more exposure and increased operations. While finding the right property can be challenging enough when considering location, there are a number of other considerations that must be made to ensure the best possible outcome. Failing to take these factors into account can leave a business saddled with debt and a location that disallows it from fulfilling its needs

Louisiana School Boards Association secures building downtown

Having the right place to do business can set you up for success. It can ensure that certain costs and expenses are minimized as fully as possible and that adequate space and resources are available to carry out the business's functions.

Commercial real estate dispute heading to trial again

Acquiring real estate is often a pivotal piece of business development. Without it, an entrepreneur or investor lacks the resources needed to expand and grow an existing business, or get a new business off the ground. A lot of consideration has to be given to real estate transactions, too, since zoning laws and other restrictions can limit its use. But in some cases, merely purchasing commercial real estate can be a long up hill battle.

Baton Rouge upscale office space struggling to find tenants

If you're in the market for commercial real estate, then you need to carefully consider whether leasing or purchasing is in your best interests. With each option comes a number of responsibilities, obligations, and advantages.

Old Sam's Club sells to bead company

Securing appropriate commercial real estate is imperative in order for businesses to function properly. If a place of business is too small, then a company's growth may be stunted. If there are too many restrictions on the use of a property, then a business may be hamstringed in its operations, thereby preventing it from providing the amount, quality, or timeliness of work desired.

Commercial real estate issues may require legal assistance

Our blog has taken a look at some recent developments in the Baton Rouge area pertaining to commercial real estate. Although commercial real estate is often seen as a small part of a business's operations, it can, in fact, have enormous ramifications. Limitations on a property's use can hamstring a business's functionality, and exorbitant costs can threaten financial viability.

Local commercial real estate deal worth $2.25 million

Commercial property can play a critical role in a business's financial viability and its ability to expand. Because these properties can be quite costly, even when leased, it is imperative that business owners carefully consider how to handle commercial property transactions to ensure they are entering into agreements that further their and their business's best interests.

Baton Rouge development struggling to lease space

Business owners have more to think about than selling goods and services to customers. They have to consider supply chains, human resources, and even the physical location of their business. Only by appropriately analyzing and addressing these matters can a business focus on what's most important: its business philosophy and profits. Yet, business owners are often faced with significant challenges that must be overcome if they want to be successful. Sometimes these challenges deal with commercial real estate.

The basics of zoning laws

Baton Rouge businesses that are looking to lease or purchase commercial real estate have a lot to consider. As they embark on this journey and consider sale or lease prices, management agreements, and construction, they may neglect to consider zoning laws and the important limitations they can place on the use of commercial real estate.

What is asset-based lending?

It almost goes without saying that money makes the world go 'round. This is especially true in the business world. Without capital, a business may be unable to meet its needs as it attempts to grow and expand. Having adequate cash on hand is imperative to pay human resource costs, maintain inventory, improve commercial real estate, and expand into new markets. While a business would ideally have this cash on hand from its own profits, this isn't always the case.

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