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City-parish looking for contract with management company

Contract disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. Breach of contract matters may pertain to an employment contract, a commercial lease, or a standard agreement for the supplying of goods and services in exchange for cash. Regardless of the context, though, contract disputes can be costly, especially to those parties who are found in breach. These parties will face financial penalties as well as damage to their reputation and future business prospects.

Contract dispute? Consider legal assistance

We have discussed the importance of business contracts many times on this blog. These documents can define the way you do business, potentially affecting your business relationships for years to come. For this reason, it is imperative that you take a detailed-oriented approach when negotiating a contract with an eye on the long-term effects the agreement can have for you and your business. If you hastily enter into a contract without fully understanding its terms, or you acquiesce too much during negotiations, then you can find yourself with the short end of the stick. This can cost you and your business significantly.

HBO accused of breach of contract by Michael Jackson's estate

Contracts shape the way that business is carried out. It can set purchase prices and supply amounts, and it can dictate compensation and business duties. These agreements can affect any industry, too. Business, construction, and the entertainment industries can be defined by the terms contained in contracts. This is why those subjecting themselves to these provisions need to be careful that they are protecting themselves and their interests not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term.

Can silence lead to the creation of a contract?

For a contract to be created, there must be an offer and an acceptance of that offer. Usually these two basic principles are easy to spot in practice. For example, a homeowner may offer compensation to a business in exchange for home improvement work to be done within a specified amount of time. What happens, though, when an offer is made and there is no explicit acceptance of it?

Baton Rouge in contract dispute over library construction

Contracts are so ubiquitous in the business world that their importance is often observed as being diminished. This is a mistake, though. These agreements, when executed correctly, are legally enforceable, thereby giving the parties to the agreement to take legal action to ensure they do not lose money or specific performance of contract terms when a breach of contract has occurred. Of course, oftentimes those who are accused of breaching a contract dispute that they have done so, which sets the matter up for negotiation and litigation where the stakes can be quite high for all parties involved.

Contracts: how long is an offer open?

A carefully negotiated and well-written agreement can decrease the risk of a Louisiana contract dispute. However, contractual agreements are often drafted in the business world without clearly delineated terms, like informal oral agreements or standardized forms. While these agreements may be enforceable, sometimes, it is hard to discern when they are and when they are not, leaving the matter open for legal argument. Therefore, those who find themselves dealing with agreements or certain terms of an agreement that is not reduced to writing should make sure they understand what is considered by judges and juries when these contract disputes arise.

Verbal contracts and detrimental reliance

When Louisianans think of contracts, they often envision written agreements that are aggressively negotiated to obtain the best terms. In theory, this is correct, but there are certain circumstances where a contract can be created without a written agreement. This often occurs when verbal promises are made. Yet, determining where the line between a promise and a legally enforceable contract lies can be tricky, which is why these matters are often resolved through legal action.

Louisiana firm ready to address contract disputes

Contractual agreements have become so common that they seem to weave their way into our day-to-day lives without us even batting an eye at them. This often means that many individuals agree to the terms of contracts without even scrutinizing them. This is dangerous because contracts are legally enforceable, which means that failing to abide by their terms can result in a lawsuit being filed against you. The ramifications can be quite costly to your finances and your reputation.

Jack in the Box embroiled in breach of contract case

Louisiana contracts often define business relationships. They can lay out expectations and obligations, and they can be negotiated to ensure that all parties involved feel like they got a fair shake. However, since the parties to a contract sign off on his terms, those who fail to abide by those terms can be held liable for their actions or in actions. This often takes the shape of a business lawsuit and a judgment requiring a party to pay damages. Not even big corporations are immune from contract disputes.

The stakes are high in breach of contract cases

Those who consider breach of contract disputes often view them as purely financial matters. After all, the damages imposed for breach of contract are typically financial in nature. Of course, specific performance may also be court ordered following a breach of contract. However, there is much more at stake in breach of contract cases than money. This is why those creating contracts and those embroiled in breach of contract disputes need to ensure that they carefully protect their legal rights.

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