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Waitr changes business terms, Baton Rouge restaurants balk

Every business owner has a different personality. Some are hard-edged and are willing to do just about anything to protect their interests, even at others' expense, while other business owners want to interact with others in a way that is fair for all parties involved. There are others still who fall somewhere between the two.

Baton Rouge firm negotiates and drafts contracts

A few months ago on the blog we discussed how contract disputes are often avoided by clearly articulating the agreement's basic terms. Far too often, the parties to a contract write language that is ambiguous or vague. This lack of clarity can be the death knell of a contract, leading to allegations of breach of contract. As a result, the parties may end up putting themselves at risk of financial and reputational loss. It can be challenging to recover from these damages.

NRA files breach of contract claim over confidential information

A lot of contract disputes are about money. Breached terms can lead to lost revenues or lost purchase costs, which can leave a business in financial trouble. Therefore, proving financial loss is often a key part of a breach of contract case.

Contract drafting to avoid contract disputes

Every relationship has its disagreements. In the business world, though, these disagreements can have ramifications that can be utterly devastating to one side or the other. Depending on the outcome of a case, a party may suffer significant financial harm and damage to their reputation. All of these losses can take years, sometimes decades, to recoup, which is why those doing business in Louisiana need to do everything they can to avoid contract disputes in the first place.

Be clear with basic terms to avoid contract disputes

A contract dispute can flip the script on a business. It can lead to contentious litigation that results in court-ordered damages that are financially devastating, as well as irreparable harm to a business's reputation. Although it is not always the case, sometimes it is difficult for a business to recover from a breach of contract case.

We stand ready to appropriately address contract disputes

On their face, contract disputes seem relatively straightforward. After all, in its most basic terms a contract is nothing more than a legally binding agreement between two parties. Yet, with this basic idea comes a number of nuances that are rife with legal issues. When, exactly, is a contract formed? When is it deemed enforceable? What acts constitute material breach of a contract? Can and should a breach of contract be cured before legal action is taken? What remedies can be sought when breach occurs?

City-parish looking for contract with management company

Contract disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. Breach of contract matters may pertain to an employment contract, a commercial lease, or a standard agreement for the supplying of goods and services in exchange for cash. Regardless of the context, though, contract disputes can be costly, especially to those parties who are found in breach. These parties will face financial penalties as well as damage to their reputation and future business prospects.

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