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Contractor sues homeowner for breach of contract damages

A variety of options may be available to assist a party harmed by a breach of contract. A contractor recently brought a lawsuit against a Louisiana homeowner for breach of contract. The lawsuit concerns to an alleged agreement to elevate a home. The home elevation contractor asserts that it agreed to elevate the homeowner's house for $68,594.08. Part of the home elevation was to be paid for by a grant from the Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Program. According to the contractor, it was hired after the previous, and original, contractor was fired.

Louisiana man sued for breach of contract

Contract relationships are important to many businesses and individuals which is why a basic understanding of contract disputes can be helpful to contracting parties. A Louisiana man is being sued by a lumber wholesaler that claims the man owes it over nine thousand dollars for unpaid lumber. The lumber wholesale company filed a lawsuit against the man for thousands of dollars in unpaid lumber costs. The man allegedly owes the company after accepting the lumber in four different loads he picked up over two days. The company claims it ordered the lumber, which was shipped to a warehouse where the man picked it up. The company alleges that the man then failed to pay for the lumber after he picked it up and is accusing the man of breach of contract as a result. The company is seeking the $9,020 in damages it claims it is owed.

Lessees sue in Louisiana for breach of lease-to-purchase contract

When an individual has been the victim of a breach of contract, legal remedies may be available. Two lessees recently filed a lawsuit in Louisiana for breach of a lease to purchase home contract. The couple is suing the former owners of the home, claiming that the contract was changed over a year after the agreement was entered into. The lessees assert that they paid a $10,000 down payment on the home and made $65,000 in improvements to the home, as well as paid monthly rent for the property.

Louisiana realtor accused of breach of contract in lawsuit

A Louisiana realtor is being sued for breach of contract because she allegedly backed out of an agreed upon sale of a piece of property the realtor owned. The man suing the realtor alleges he made an offer on the property the realtor both owned and listed. After a counteroffer was made by the realtor, a contract was allegedly executed for the sale.

Construction company sues homeowner for breach of contract

While few businesses want contract litigation, sometimes circumstances related to a contract dispute require a party to enforce its contractual rights. A construction contract has led to a contract dispute in Louisiana. A construction company claims that a contract it entered into with a man for a home renovation was wrongfully canceled.

Louisiana company files breach of contract lawsuit against man

Contract disputes can be distressing and costly which is why it is important that a party facing a contract dispute understand options the legal process can provide.

Engineering firm sues energy company for breach of contract in LA

Contract disputes can be of significant concern to business relationships, which is why understanding the legal resources available in contract dispute situations can be important.

Subcontractor sues contractor for breach of contract in Louisiana

Contract disputes can occur in a variety of circumstances and situations while, it is important to note, the parties to a contract have legal recourse when one has been breached.

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