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Baton Rouge chemicals maker sells three business sectors

Business sales can be exciting opportunities for parties that embark prudently on the process. Establishing a well thought out plan could be a very lucrative moment for a company. It is important that all parties involved understand the agreements they are signing. This allows them to avoid any current or future issues with the sale or acquisition.

Sale of business nets $100 million and new debt structure

Running a business is often a complex endeavor. Knowing when and how to pursue the sale of business can be even more complicated. Business owners large and small obviously want to get the best return on their investment when selling their business, especially when they have worked hard to build it from ground-level, and it can be difficult knowing exactly how to do this. A smart plan and contract for the sale can produce significant financial reward for a savvy business owner, however.

Sale of Washington Post benefits lagging paper

Although the economy seems to be improving lately, its past difficulties are still being felt. Often people think of individuals who have been hurt by the recession. But business, large and small alike in Baton Rouge, have had their shares of bumps and bruises from the economic downslide. Sometimes owners have to downsize their businesses. Other times, business are merged or even outright sold to other companies. Whatever the reason, the sale of business can be stressful for all involved.

Red Bank in the process of acquiring local Baton Rouge bank

In an effort to keep its competitive edge and remain successful, a business will sometimes merge with or acquire another business. Mergers and acquisitions are common business strategies used.

Louisiana crab businesses feel economic pain of Hurricane Isaac

Crab fishers are suffering yet another economic hardship, this time as a result of Hurricane Isaac. The natural disaster is responsible for sinking ships, electricity outages and devastation of the crab harvesting infrastructure, all of which are major setbacks to the crabbing industry. As a result of these setbacks, it's a possibility that some businesses will be incapable of suffering the loss and could be looking at a dissolution or sale of business.

Louisiana farm radio networks dial in on merger

Two Louisiana radio networks centered on farming news are set to join their efforts together. The Louisiana Farm Bureau Radio Network is set to merge with the Louisiana Radio Network's agricultural news division, creating a combined force of 42 affiliates.

Nuclear construction is likely cause for business acquisition

Businesses in Louisiana are constantly changing and growing. Louisianans may be interested to know that The Shaw Group, a Baton Rouge based company specializing in engineers and construction in the energy field, will be acquired by Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. for the price of $3 billion.

Louisiana retail store owner sells business amid legal troubles

Louisianans may be interested to know that School Time, a Louisiana-based uniform store, has purchased KMS Uniforms. The sale of the business comes shortly after the owner of KMS was ordered to shut down by a local district court judge.

Sale of business on tap for popular restaurant chain

Readers in Louisiana may be interested to read about an impending sale of a popular food restaurant chain. NRD Holdings LLC, which is based in Atlanta, is purchasing a number of locations of Golden Corral across the Midwest from Frisch's Restaurant, Inc. NRD Holdings LLC also owns and operate numerous locations of Popeye's, Checkers/Rally's and Domino's Pizza. While the deal was announced only recently, the business transaction is not expected to be completed until May 29.

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