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Louisiana start-up success depends on sound decisions

A successful Louisiana start-up depends in part on making the right choices at the outset. One of the best reasons to begin a business is to solve a problem that others face. Another useful tip for hopeful entrepreneurs starting a business is to focus more on customers than competitors. Focusing on needs of customers, and how to meet those needs, is critical to success.

Many questions when starting a business, but all have answers

In Louisiana, a successful future for a business start up can depend on the appropriate foundation established early on. Following the formation of the great business idea is the business formation and different aspects of forming a company. Many people dream of the flexibility of being their own boss which is certainly a benefit of starting your own business but also requires the new business owner to wear many hats. Before entering the market, it may also be useful to research the market to correctly identify the problem the business is solving and the customer for the product of service.

Women starting businesses in larger numbers

Owning and starting a business may be a dream many women several decades ago did not think was possible. Today, women are rapidly starting businesses. In the U.S., from 1997 to 2014, the number of businesses owned by women rose 68%. The growth rate was twice that for men.

There are many questions and answers in new business formation

Those pursuing business formation and entity formation decisions should not become overwhelmed and, instead, understand that many resources are available to help.

Starting a business? Do your research and get the right help

It is likely that there will be an abundance of passion, and many questions, when beginning the dream of starting a business. Starting a business can be thrilling but may also present moments of anxiety. Many people may have interesting business ideas but not know how to begin and may feel overwhelmed by what steps to take. The legal aspects of a start-up company may seem intimidating to would-be entrepreneurs.

Financing, and forming, the dream of a start up

Many potential entrepreneurs may have a great idea and the dream of a start-up business but not know how to finance it. Starting a business can sometimes be unquestionably difficult. There are many considerations and potential challenges associated with a business start-up. Nearly eighty percent of the estimated 27.5 million small businesses in the U.S. obtain their financing through bank loans, lines of credit and credit cards. In today's financial climate it can sometimes be a challenge to finance a start-up company. Potential sources of funding include banks - commercial, community and credit union, government-assistance loans or relatively new crowdfunding.

Louisiana start-up shows promise in medical field

The decision to start a business is one that takes guts. Many take the plunge as soon as they have a business idea. Others dream of one day being able to make such a life changing decision. No matter when one decides to go into business on their own, those starting a business in Baton Rouge can find success.

Debate rages over controversial commercial real estate sale

A plan to sell commercial real estate across from the Louisiana Capital may have run into a roadblock with the recent news that the property was appraised nearly $2 million less than Governor Bobby Jindal had hoped. Governor Jindal had hoped to generate approximately $5 million in the sale of the building in downtown Baton Rouge, which previously housed an insurance company. Unfortunately for the plan, the newest appraisal put the value of the location at $2.8 million.

Beyond raising capital, what should new business owners consider?

Anyone who owns or is contemplating beginning their own business understands it can be a difficult process. Besides the initial problem of deciding what product to sell or service to offer, there are the logistical issues of determining how you will go about making your plans a reality. Even if budding entrepreneurs have a well-established business plan, figuring out how to finance the process of starting a business or find investors can be one of the most complicated problems an individual can face.

Study contends that job growth could result from BP fines

After the seemingly endless series of devastation that the Gulf Coast region suffered in recent years, many experts would argue it needs a restoration to reinvigorate economic growth. Once money has been invested for restoration to begin, there is potential for the coast to grow into long-term economic recovery. An influx of money spent on development or restoration of an environment can lead to the creation of new jobs, which in turn could lead to even more thriving development as people consider starting a business or expanding their current one in order to meet new demands. This growth can grab the attention of investors, which could bring in more money to the region. The question is how to begin this process of restoring the Gulf Coast region back to where it was.

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