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Oil cleanup company merger coming to Louisiana

To ensure a positive outcome throughout a merger process, it can be helpful for the parties involved in the merger to thoroughly understand the process and what to expect. A national private equity firm is forming a new company in a neighboring Louisiana community through the merger of a Louisiana offshore cleaning company and an out-of-state offshore waste-management company. The merger is expected to create 100 jobs in the neighboring Louisiana community. The newly-merged company will operate out of 14 locations throughout the Gulf Coast and Permian Basin areas while remaining headquartered in Louisiana.

Public merger of two airlines on hold by Dept. of Justice

Businesses around Baton Rouge face acquisitions or mergers on a daily basis. And it's probably safe to say that most transactions are dictated by rules and regulations by different government entities. Sometimes the decisions made by the government can determine if a merger even takes place. Be it federal, state or city, someone always has a hand in these and some even end in business litigation.

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