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Lessees sue in Louisiana for breach of lease-to-purchase contract

When an individual has been the victim of a breach of contract, legal remedies may be available. Two lessees recently filed a lawsuit in Louisiana for breach of a lease to purchase home contract. The couple is suing the former owners of the home, claiming that the contract was changed over a year after the agreement was entered into. The lessees assert that they paid a $10,000 down payment on the home and made $65,000 in improvements to the home, as well as paid monthly rent for the property.

Louisiana realtor accused of breach of contract in lawsuit

A Louisiana realtor is being sued for breach of contract because she allegedly backed out of an agreed upon sale of a piece of property the realtor owned. The man suing the realtor alleges he made an offer on the property the realtor both owned and listed. After a counteroffer was made by the realtor, a contract was allegedly executed for the sale.

Louisiana company files breach of contract lawsuit against man

Contract disputes can be distressing and costly which is why it is important that a party facing a contract dispute understand options the legal process can provide.

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