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How can entrepreneurs make their business vision a reality?

Hoping to provide one Louisiana with a new and unique place to buy locally-sourced meats, the Cleaver & Co. butcher shop made plans to open its doors. The owners, who met while in a master's degree program, determined that starting a business together was the best way to fulfill their career goals.

Tax break awarded to New Orleans development plan

Louisianans considering starting a business may be interested to hear the recent decision made by the Industrial Development Board of New Orleans: developers hoping to begin construction in the South Market District may be getting a tax break in the form of a payment in lieu of taxes deal worked out by the IDB.

New Louisiana methanol plant set to spark new business formation

Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that Methanex, a company which specializes in the production of methanol, will be relocating a production plant from Chile to a new site in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

Study contends that job growth could result from BP fines

After the seemingly endless series of devastation that the Gulf Coast region suffered in recent years, many experts would argue it needs a restoration to reinvigorate economic growth. Once money has been invested for restoration to begin, there is potential for the coast to grow into long-term economic recovery. An influx of money spent on development or restoration of an environment can lead to the creation of new jobs, which in turn could lead to even more thriving development as people consider starting a business or expanding their current one in order to meet new demands. This growth can grab the attention of investors, which could bring in more money to the region. The question is how to begin this process of restoring the Gulf Coast region back to where it was.

Lafayette comes in fourth for growth in the country

If you are considering starting a business in Louisiana, you may want to look at the Lafayette area. Why? Forbes recently released a list of the American cities that top the country in job growth and Lafayette was ranked first in mid-sized cities and fourth overall. In order to determine the cities to make the listing, Forbes used employment data ranging back to 2000 and considered other factors which contribute to both mid and long-term growth.

Are tax breaks the best way to attract start-ups to Louisiana?

A proposed set of tax breaks for businesses has caused a rift between the Louisiana Legislature's chief economist and Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration. The differences stem from the potential effectiveness and the costs associated with the proposed tax breaks.

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