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How do I respond when a contract has been breached?

Businesses are entering contracts every day which makes contracts an important component of a company's daily business. Businesses also rely on the contracts they enter into so a business owner will likely wonder what to do when they have suffered a breach of contract. As any business owner no doubt knows, contracts are an important part of doing business as they provide protections for the parties and set out obligations, rules and guidelines that govern the business relationship.

Five types of construction defect claims

Imagine you buy a newly constructed home, move your entire family in and then the first rain of the season hits the home hard. Suddenly, the windows and roof are leaking and you feel like you're living under a waterfall. This is not how a newly constructed home should behave in a heavy storm; the contractor that built your residence clearly did something wrong.

What is a breach of contract and what do I do about it?

The legal process encourages parties to freely contract with one another for the mutual benefit of the parties. Contracts are important for many businesses, business relationships and the health of the businesses in question. At times circumstances may change in a business relationship and a business may find itself facing a breach of contract which can be devastating to a business, making it important to know how to respond.

Contract clauses you many want to consider

When two or more parties come together and decide to make a business deal, the next step is to make a contract that goes over all the details. The contract will entail the expectations and responsibilities of each party to the deal. There are other things to consider, especially in relation to breach. A good contract will contain what to do about instances of breach of contract to simplify and expedite an already unfortunate situation.

Helping you resolve contract disputes

The business world can be rather complex. Even when a simple deal is made in Louisiana, much paper work will likely be involved. This means that the parties to a business deal or agreement must be aware of the terms and details of the documents that they sign. Unfortunately, things could get overlooked or forgotten, resulting in issues down the line if the terms of a contract are not followed.

Is a written contract advisable for a B2B agreement?

For some businesses, their business doesn't revolve around the average consumer. Instead, many businesses serve the needs of other businesses. Whether offering a product or a service that a business needs to conduct their everyday work efficiently, it's a legitimate business model. While many consumers do not engage in contracts with the business they buy from, businesses may want to consider a contract for their agreements with other businesses.

What issues may arise and cause a contract dispute?

An agreement between two companies, written and signed with contractual acceptance can be the start of something great. When multiple businesses work together, it can be a profitable and mutually beneficial experience. However, sometimes the relationship between two companies in contract with each other goes sour. What issues may arise between two companies to cause a contract dispute?

Property seized by government port officials, owner contests

Under the Constitution, citizens of this great nation have rights when their private property lands in the hands of government control. This is a way to separate business from government control and has served our country well so far. Sometimes the government and private business butt heads when there are competing interests. A Louisiana company has filed suit against the government for what they claim to be an illegal takeover of their business and property.

La. company's breach of contract may mean seeking damages

When two or more businesses engage in a contract, it is to ensure that the details of the deal go as discussed and to ensure that each party agrees to uphold their end of the bargain. Most contracts between companies include clauses that mention what could happen if one party fails to uphold their end of the bargain, also known as breach of contract. While breach of contract is never the desired outcome for either party, it sometimes happens. The company affected by the breach may decide that it is in their best interests to seek damages for the costs associated with the other company's breach.

What might a breach of contract look like?

Just about every business in Louisiana is involved in some type of agreement, or contract, with other businesses. Whether buying or selling goods and services, contracts put agreements in writing and can outline specifics to that agreement, even in case of breach. But what is breach of contract? How might a breach of contract on behalf of a business partner affect your business?

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