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Knowing how to address a breach of contract is important

A breach of contract can result in serious financial injuries to the non-breaching party. The non-breaching party may be an individual or business and a breach of contract can cause harm to them and may also cause harm to business relationship, as well as causing harm to business interests.

Property owner brings contract breach claim against contractor

A property owner in Louisiana has brought a lawsuit against a contractor he asserts failed to complete the work he was contracted to perform up to adequate standards. The property owner alleges in his lawsuit that he contracted with the contractor for a construction project on his property. The construction project was for the construction of a steel structure. According to the lawsuit, changes were to be made to the steel structure and though the contractor stated that the changes were made, the property owner discovered they were not. As a result, the property owner was required to hire additional workers to remedy the condition created by the contractor.

Understanding the important role contracts play

It is important not to take contract negotiations and the process of drafting a contract lightly. Contracts serve an important role of commemorating an agreement between parties and setting out the rights and obligations of parties typically involved in a business relationship or transaction. The business relationship may be ongoing so it can be important to ensure the contract accurately reflects the agreement between the parties.

Construction contract results in contract dispute in Louisiana

A lawsuit was recently filed in Louisiana seeking damages in relation to a construction project and alleged breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, a commercial building company filed a claim against an architectural company for breach of contract. The commercial building company contracted with the architectural company for architectural services related to a particular property.

Attention should be paid to contract formation and enforcement

This blog recently discussed how thoughtful contract formation may be able to help reduce or eliminate contract disputes down the road. Continuity and cohesiveness through the negotiation and formation of a contract is helpful but it is also helpful to know how to manage a contract relationship and enforce a contract if there is a breach.

How to draft a contract to help minimize disputes

It is never fun dealing with contract disputes, though sometimes they may need to be addressed. Planning and thoughtfulness during the contract negotiation, drafting and formation process can help prevent problems and contract disputes from occurring down the road for many small businesses. A problematic contract can cause significant disruption and costs for a business so it is helpful to not only know how to respond to contract disputes but also to know how to properly execute a contract as well. Some tips for contract formation and avoiding contract disputes can be useful.

Franchise purchase agreement leads to Louisiana contract dispute

A franchise agreement has led to a recent lawsuit in Louisiana. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, as well as other claims. The nature of the claim is a franchise contract dispute. The man who brought the lawsuit asserts that he paid over $60,000 in franchise purchase agreement payments and met with the parties he brought the claim against over a period of several months concerning the franchise purchase agreement. The franchise purchase agreement is for a company that performs oil change services.

Barge owners sue renters for breach of contract in Louisiana

As Louisiana business owners may know, if they are subject to a breach of contract, it could have financial consequences. A contract dispute was recently taken to court in Louisiana by the owners of two barge boats against renters of the barge boats. The owners of the barge boats have accused the renters of failing to pay invoices and with breach of contract. The company that was renting the two barge boats to the other company at the rate of $1,000 per boat, per day, brought the claim against the renters for breach of contract and negligence.

Understanding the ins and outs of contract disputes

Because such a great number of business relationships in Louisiana are governed by contracts, a breach of contract can be a significant disruption for a business that may result in financial losses for the non-breaching party or business. At times, the circumstances surrounding a contract dispute can be complicated for either the party or business accused of a contract breach or the party or business responding to a breach of contract accusation.

Construction company sues subcontractor for breach of contract

There are a number of different ways, depending on the circumstances, that a contract dispute may be resolved. One lawsuit, citing breach of contract, was recently filed in a Louisiana court by a construction company against a subcontractor. In addition to the breach of contract claim, the construction company also alleged poor quality workmanship against the subcontractor.

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