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Understanding contracts can be a key to a successful business

Given the importance of contracts to most business relationships, it is perhaps surprising that contracts may sometimes be entered into with little or no thought. It does not have to be that way, however. Carefully negotiated, drafted, reviewed and executed contracts can be essential to the success of a business.

Louisiana business faces breach of contract lawsuit

A contract dispute or breach of contract can be a significant disruption for a business. A Louisiana contractor is facing a lawsuit brought by a construction company based on claims of breach of contract and contract violations. According to the lawsuit, the construction company and contractor entered into a contractual agreement for installations and repairs for a roof. The construction contract totaled $2.2 million according to the lawsuit.

What are some defenses to a breach of contract claim?

Breach of contract and contract disputes are typically unwelcome, however, sometimes the circumstances of a business or company can change. While it is certainly important to know how to properly and effectively negotiate, draft, execute and enforce a contract, it can also be helpful to be aware of how to defend against a breach of contract claim.

Knowing how to properly manage contracts is important

Many companies and individuals use contracts to govern their business relationships. Because of the important role contracts play in the daily lives of businesses and individuals, it is important to understand how to properly negotiate, draft and execute contracts.

Louisiana couple brings claim for construction contract dispute

A contract that has been breached, including a construction contract, can have a number of consequences. A breach of contract claim was recently filed in Louisiana by a couple, asserting a flooring company installed defective flooring in their home. In the lawsuit, the couple asserts they entered into a contract with the flooring company to install hardwood flooring in their home. The couple further asserts in their lawsuit that they put down a deposit that was nearly $6,000 and that the flooring was installed by the company over a 2-day period.

Louisiana company sues for breach of contract damages

This blog recently discussed the importance of contract negotiation and formation, as well as the importance of understanding how to handle a contract dispute. A Louisiana company is suing another business for breach of contract. The Louisiana company is asserting in its lawsuit that the contract breach forced it to duplicate its costs. The Louisiana company asserts in its lawsuit that the parties had an oral agreement for crane repair parts and services related to the repair of a marine vessel.

Contracting for the success of your business

There are a number of different contract phases businesses may be engaged in throughout the life cycle of their business. Most business relationships are governed by business contracts. Business contracts require careful negotiation, thoughtful drafting, thorough review and, sometimes, knowledgeable litigation and problem solving if disputes arise. It is important that businesses and business owners are prepared to negotiate, draft, review and litigate business contracts should the need arise.

Louisiana real estate contract dispute taken to court

There are a variety of different legal solutions available to handle a contract dispute. A Louisiana real estate sale recently hit a snag when the seller of several pieces of property filed a lawsuit against a company it had a contract with for the purchase of the properties for $2 million. The owner of the properties asserts that the company that contracted to purchase the properties breached the contract and requested its deposit be returned to it.

Knowing how to enforce a contract can be useful

Because contracts can be specialized based on the business relationship they govern, contract disputes can also vary. Because of the different types of contract disputes that can arise, it is important to understand the legal options available if a contract has been breached. A homeowner in Louisiana is facing a breach of contract lawsuit brought by a home elevation company.

Former company owner alleges breach of contract in Louisiana

The integrity of the contract process is essential to commerce which is why it is important to understand how to effectively respond when faced with a breach of contract. A contract dispute in Louisiana related to the sale of a nail salon has led to a lawsuit. The former owner of the nail salon is suing the current owner for $70,000 related to the alleged breach of the purchase contract. According to the former owner, she entered into a contract with the current owner to sell her nail business. The terms of the purchase contract allegedly provided for the current owner to pay the former owner an initial payment of $30,000 followed by second payment of $70,000 within one month of the initial payment.

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