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How to approach successful contract negotiation

The contract negotiation process can be challenging but it is an important process that can impact the success of contractual relationship and a business. Understanding how to negotiate contracts can help create a positive approach to the process and achieve a positive outcome--a contract that is good for the business and guides important business relationships.

Baton Rouge apartment complex purchased by local investors

Real estate transactions can present exiting growth opportunities for companies, businesses and investors. A group of Louisiana investors recently purchased an apartment building for nearly $1.8 million. The investors purchased the Baton Rouge apartment complex from an out-of-state company. The apartment complex has 68 units, including one and two-bedroom units. A party involved in the deal noted there is significant redevelopment in the area and other properties may also change hands. The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority is also involved in projects in the area.

Baton Rouge land purchased to develop urgent care clinic

Commercial real estate development can provide opportunities for communities and businesses. An investment group recently purchased a piece of land, a little over an acre in size, in Baton Rouge. The group plans to build an urgent care clinic.

How do I make a re-zoning request for property?

Zoning laws are an important part of the commercial real estate process. Each zoning category corresponds with the intended use of the property. Real estate may be zoned as residential, commercial, industrial or for office use in residential or businesses districts. You may, however, have wondered if zoning regulations can be modified and how the re-zoning process works if you are interested in a property but need it to be zoned for a different use than how it is currently zoned.

Understanding asset-based lending

When making a commercial real estate acquisition, starting a new business or exploring a business growth opportunity, funding those ventures may be an understandable concern. It is important to understand funding options and one possible source of funding is asset-based lending. In the most basic sense, asset-based loans are based on assets which serve as collateral for the loan. Assets typically include accounts receivable and inventory.

Knowing how to respond to business disputes in Louisiana

Commercial real estate and business transactions can be exciting opportunities with many complexities. However, sometimes even with careful planning, business and commercial transactions can result in conflicts and disputes. Commercial real estate transactions and commercial real estate disputes can include many challenges, as can any business transactions ranging from the protection or exposure of trade secrets to the sale or purchase of goods.

Baton Rouge shopping center purchased for $3 million

A shopping center in Baton Rouge was recently purchased by two dentists for $3 million. A Baton Rouge realty company made up of two husband-and-wife dentists purchased the shopping center from a New York company. The shipping center encompasses 11.2 acres and has a number of tenants, including grocery, hardware and others. The couple's realty company notes it maintains a portfolio of greater than 600,000 square feet of office and retail space.

What are zoning laws and why is it important to understand them?

Land use laws can have an impact on the operation of your business or acquisition or development of new land. As a result, residents of Baton Rouge may wonder what zoning laws refer to, which is an important question to ask. Zoning laws refer to the regulation of the use and development of real estate. In general, zoning laws are used to divide communities into real estate sections including residential, commercial and industrial sections which typically do not overlap, though they can in mixed-use sections, which are developed in a fairly uniform manner.

Land acquired by Baton Rouge non-profit for major project

Commercial real estate transactions are a common part of business growth. As an example, one need only look at a Baton Rouge non-profit planning to build an $18 million assisted living facility. To construct the building, the non-profit recently acquired 4.4 acres. The 68,000 square foot assisted living facility will have 90 units, 48 of which will be for assisted living and 42 for residents with Alzheimer's Disease and dementia.

Zoning information in Baton Rouge and what it means

Zoning essentially refers to a set of laws that determine how certain property can legally be used. Property owners can obtain zoning information from the city concerning their property or can obtain a zoning verification letter for property, with certain exceptions, within the East Baton Rouge Parish.

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