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How can you protect yourself during the construction of a home?

Building a new home in Louisiana is an exciting endeavor and one that can allow you to use your creativity and imagination to create a house that is perfectly suited for your family. To build a home that will provide shelter, safety and an environment for your family to gather and make memories, is going to require the workmanship and skill of various professionals. With the right people doing the work on your home, you can have confidence in its quality, durability and reliability. 

How do you remove a lien on a property?

Liens, when contractors use them legitimately, are supposed to provide a way for workers to ensure payment for goods or services they provided you. Flood repair, home improvement and renovations could all generate valid liens on your property. However, you may have a lien for other reasons, such as unscrupulous contracting that leads to subcontractors left unpaid. Even if you pay your contractor in full, a lien could still be valid.

Being strategic to optimize on the best real estate markets

Real estate investing in Louisiana can be a tricky business and for many investors, the challenge of finding ideal properties and turning them into lucrative investments is the excitement of their job. However, equally, as challenging is their quest to locate markets that will provide optimal opportunities for growth, continued success and never-ending profit. 

Suggestions for when a contractor is in breach of contract

When people hire a general contractor to work on their home in Louisiana, they typically sign a contract that clearly highlights both parties' responsibilities. Such an agreement is critical to verify that there is no misunderstanding in terms of what is expected of each other and that all payments and obligations are met in a timely and effective manner. 

How to prevent contractor disputes

When you need work performed on your Louisiana home, you must spend extreme care selecting a contractor. After interviewing several potential candidates, you then select the one whose past work and financial bid appeal most to you. However, you may wonder how you can prevent any disputes from arising. At Dale M Mass, Attorney at Law, we understand the issues that can arise which unfortunately sometimes turn into contractor fraud lawsuits. 

How do I ensure I hire good real estate contractors?

Hiring reputable contractors in Louisiana is no guarantee that you will never become involved in real estate litigation. Even so, it is one way to prevent the likelihood of finding yourself in this position. But, how do you know if a contractor will provide high quality work and operate ethically?

What do I need to know before purchasing commercial real estate?

The Louisiana commercial real estate market has come a long way since Hurricane Katrina and the floods of 2016. Even so, both new and seasoned real estate investors should take special care when purchasing commercial property. Here are some basic pointers to help get you started.

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