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Usufructuaries and naked ownership

Sometimes, after a person in Louisiana dies, an asset left to a beneficiary does not immediately transfer to that person's possession. If you find yourself in this position as the new owner of the asset, you may be wondering what will happen next. The legal team at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, often advises clients who have questions about Louisiana inheritance laws.

Detailing Louisiana's intestate succession laws

Despite estate planning experts in Baton Rouge extolling the benefits of seeing to such matters early on in one's life, a surprisingly high number of American adults do not have a will. While the issue of not having a will and testament in place may not concern you personally, you could be impacted should a person to whom you are an heir dies without one. Countless clients come to us here at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law concerned with how the estates of their loved ones who died intestate (without a will) will be administered. Fortunately, the state has established guidelines to govern such cases. 

What happens to your property if you die without a will?

If you pass away in Louisiana without a will or other estate planning document in place, you may want to know what will become of your assets, property and debt. The answer depends on whether your property is community property or separate property, and what the relationship the survivors are to you.

When should I start succession planning?

Louisiana business owners must look to the future, especially when it comes to their retirement. For instance, putting off succession planning to a later date could negatively impact the future of the business you worked so hard to create. That’s why NextAvenue.com recommends beginning the following process as soon as possible to ensure your business remains in good hands even after you retire.

Succession disputes and family conflicts

When someone leaves their loved ones with assets after they pass away, they likely wish for family members to appreciate their decisions and benefit from what they have inherited. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise over succession and these disagreements have the potential to create serious conflict within a family. In some cases, family drama may be so severe that family members may never speak with each other ever again. At the very least, these disagreements can create even more anxiety and emotional pain when many people are already struggling with losing someone who they loved.

The succession process in Louisiana

Residents in Louisiana may have heard their relatives or friends in other states talk about probate, a legal process that may take place after a person dies. The state of Louisiana refers to probate as succession. Understanding some of the key elements to this process is important for anyone who may be the executor of a will or an heir to all or part of another person's estate.

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