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What is an S-Corporation and when to use it for a business

There are many people who would like to be their own boss in Louisiana. In order to do this though, people generally have to start their own business and run it. This is not as simple as just doing some marketing, getting customers and earning money though. It is important that the people have the right business structure when they get started. If they do not, they could find themselves in legal issues later on that could have been avoided.

What should I know about a limited liability company?

There are different business forms that an entrepreneur starting a business can select so it is helpful to understand what the best option might be. Business entrepreneurs may have specific questions about a popular, but more recent, business form the limited liability company (LCC).

Which business structure is best for my business?

Choosing the best business structure for your new business is an important step which is why you may have many questions. Determining the best business structure depends on the current needs of the business and the long-term goals the entrepreneur has for the business. Different business forms have different tax consequences, reporting requirements and liability implications so it is best to know which is right for your situation.

The importance of selecting a business form

There are a variety of important and, sometimes, complex legal considerations when setting up a business. Selecting the right business form is an important consideration that the importance of can sometimes be overlooked. Different business forms have different laws governing how they are structured, how the business is conducted and important legal liability implications as well. In addition, different business forms have different tax implications that should also be carefully considered when selecting a business form.

Give new businesses a head start with a business formation plan

Many say it's the American dream to start a business and be self-employed. There is something nostalgic about this goal that many have and want to accomplish in their lifetime. Whatever the business, it's good to make a plan (or several plans) that help to outline the goals and aspirations of the business in the short or long term. One of the first plans a business owner should consider making is a business formation plan.

What is there to know about forming an LLC?

Whether starting a business or reorganizing an existing business, there is much to consider about this decision. Using the proper formation for a business can make all the difference and give your business a competitive edge in the beginning. Since over half of all new businesses fail, one could use any advantage they can take ahold of. One advantage for a new business could be an LLC business formation.

Small business structures offer different benefits, drawbacks

Whether you are soon-to-be new business owner or an experienced business owner starting a new venture, there is more to starting a vision than the creative vision. There are some not-so-exciting details, like deciding on a business structure, that can have a huge impact on the success of your small business. Essentially, choosing a certain business structure can negatively or positively impact your business in ways that you may not have even know were possible. There are several options to choose from.

Determining the right business formation plan is important

For a person, or a group of people, who have decided to take the leap and start a business, congratulations, it's a big step! Some people starting a business will be experienced in the planning and formation process, based mostly on prior experience and for some the experience will be brand new. However, regardless of experience, each process of planning a business formation plan will be different. This is based on a variety of factors that can include industry, zoning requirements and even tax obligations.

Starting a Louisiana business? Do it right the first time

Many in Louisiana dream of starting their own businesses for months or even years before taking the plunge. Owning your own business is the definition of the American dream and can offer opportunity and benefits for all who dare to take the chance. Of course, business ownership comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles.

Millennials more interested in business ownership

The Millennial generation generally includes those born between the years of 1980 and 2000. While many Louisianans may have their own opinions about this generation's mores and attitudes, according to one study, they may be the most apt to start their own business. The study also claimed that these entrepreneurs still need assistance in starting a business in order to create more jobs in our nation.

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