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Why might a business owner consider selling their business?

After shedding much blood, sweat and tears, you may be considering selling your business. Why might you want to do this? There can be many motivations behind the sale of a business, with profit being the most popular reason. However, there are several other reasons and motivations behind the sale of a business that one may not initially think of.

Maryland-based company buys Baton Rouge operation for over $400M

Large companies involved in processing and manufacturing often have several components to their business and supply chain that make it a successful and profitable business. It can be helpful to think of each component of these businesses -- often located in several locations -- as their own miniature business inside the larger frame. One such company sold one of their components that is headquartered in Baton Rouge to a Maryland-based company for over $400 million.

What steps are required to close or dissolve a business?

Whatever the reason behind the closing of your business doors, it requires more than simply 'closing up shop.' Much in the way that one must organize financial, legal and other aspects of a business when starting out, one must come full circle on these aspects when closing or dissolving a business. The closing of a business could be a happy time, or it could be a more tumultuous time related to a business' inability to make a profit over a prolonged period of time. Either way, there are requirements for any business closing its doors.

Labor liens and their potential impact on the sale of a property

When it comes to labor liens, the details and laws vary by state since they are governed under state law. In Florida, a labor lien can have a huge impact on the sale of a property. Whether buying or selling, the involved party will want to know how a labor lien could impact the sale of the property in the short and long term. Many may be unfamiliar with what a labor lien is, so it's a good idea to cover the basics.

What are the necessary steps to dissolve a small business?

It's a known fact that many businesses fail. The business landscape can be a competitive and difficult place to grow and thrive. Sometimes, things happen outside the business' control that greatly impact its ability to be successful. However, failure is not the only reason to dissolve a small business.

Trade secrets should play a factor in sale of property

When a person thinks of a successful business strategy, what comes to mind? A catchy advertising or marketing strategy helps as does a sought-after product or experience. But what is the special something that can set a business apart from their competitors? If a business has that special something, sometimes known as a trade secret, they should protect it and give it the recognition it deserves during the sale of a property.

The sale of a property is about more than just price

Whether selling or buying commercial real estate or residential real estate, there are many factors at play. Of course, price is always at the forefront of both sellers' and buyers' minds, and rightly so. However, there are many other factors to consider when selling or buying a property that are important in the way that price is important. It's important to give these factors consideration, regardless of whether you are on the buying or selling side of a Louisiana real estate transaction.

Seized properties for sale in online auction

When it comes to real estate, generally, the available properties for sale are priced at a competitive value for the market. This gives a standard to salable properties that one can expect to pay more for more property for better features. Whether for the sale of residential properties or commercial properties, this tends to hold true. However, occasionally there are instances or opportunities in which a person can purchase a property for less than market value.

What are exit strategies to retirement for small business owners?

There is something special about building something and seeing it succeed. This is true of anything in life, but especially if you have built a business from the ground up. Any business owner knows that it takes much blood, sweat and tears to see it succeed. As with anything that has grown and matured, a person may decide that it's time to move onto the next facet of their life, like retirement. What are the options for exit strategies pertinent to a small business?

Timing is everything when selling a La. small business

Trying to understand just how much your business is worth on any given day can be difficult. Owning a business doesn't mean a person has a grip on actual valuation of a business. This is because a business's worth is based on a variety of factors including assets, liabilities, potential growth and market conditions, to name a few. So in short, that's totally normal not to have an accurate number, but rather a range, of what a business might be worth.

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