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The sale of a property is about more than just price

Whether selling or buying commercial real estate or residential real estate, there are many factors at play. Of course, price is always at the forefront of both sellers' and buyers' minds, and rightly so. However, there are many other factors to consider when selling or buying a property that are important in the way that price is important. It's important to give these factors consideration, regardless of whether you are on the buying or selling side of a Louisiana real estate transaction.

Seized properties for sale in online auction

When it comes to real estate, generally, the available properties for sale are priced at a competitive value for the market. This gives a standard to salable properties that one can expect to pay more for more property for better features. Whether for the sale of residential properties or commercial properties, this tends to hold true. However, occasionally there are instances or opportunities in which a person can purchase a property for less than market value.

What are exit strategies to retirement for small business owners?

There is something special about building something and seeing it succeed. This is true of anything in life, but especially if you have built a business from the ground up. Any business owner knows that it takes much blood, sweat and tears to see it succeed. As with anything that has grown and matured, a person may decide that it's time to move onto the next facet of their life, like retirement. What are the options for exit strategies pertinent to a small business?

Timing is everything when selling a La. small business

Trying to understand just how much your business is worth on any given day can be difficult. Owning a business doesn't mean a person has a grip on actual valuation of a business. This is because a business's worth is based on a variety of factors including assets, liabilities, potential growth and market conditions, to name a few. So in short, that's totally normal not to have an accurate number, but rather a range, of what a business might be worth.

Labor lien could affect the sale or purchase of property

Purchasing or selling a property, structure or other commercial property is a process. Depending on the property, a commercial property could come with a slew of responsibilities or aspects to consider whether you are buying or selling. If you are buying, you naturally want to be especially cautious that the property you are buying is sound and ready to be taken ownership of. One thing that could stand in the way of this is a labor lien, if one exists on the property or structure.

What should one consider when selling a Louisiana business?

If you are one of the percentage of Baton Rouge residents to fully realize the "American Dream" and own your own business, congratulations. It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to ensure that a business is successful and projecting even greater returns than years' previous. So, when it's time to retire or move onto the next venture, what are some things a business owner should think about? Selling a business is more about dollars and cents, for starters.

Company trade secrets often a concern during sale of business

When it comes to running or owning a successful and profitable business, there are a few ways a company can get an edge up on their competition. One way is to have a trade secret that makes a company's service or product unique. Oftentimes these trade secrets can be highly coveted information in which only a select few are given access to trade secret information. As a business owner, it is important to ensure these trade secrets are protected especially in situations of sale or merger.

Three options for selling a small business in Louisiana

Small business owners play a big part in the local economies of many Louisiana cities and nationwide. Some small businesses are passed down through the family, generation after generation. Others are sold to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, who are interested in carrying on a successful business. In either situation, it is important for small business owners to know that they have options when it comes time to sell their business.

Don't forget these steps in the dissolution of a business

Many entrepreneurs in Baton Rouge spend years cultivating a successful business. However, there may come a time when a person decides that he or she wants to dissolve the business. No matter what the reason is behind the dissolution of the business, it is important that the process be completed with all the proper formalities. The failure to do so could have unwanted tax or liability consequences.

Are non-compete agreements enforceable in Louisiana?

One of the worst nightmares of small business owners in Louisiana is the decision of a key employee to quit and accept a job with a competitor. One solution to this problem is the non-compete agreement in which the employee agrees not to accept a job with a competitor or otherwise compete with the employer. Louisiana law sharply restricts the use of such agreements, but in the right circumstances, a non-compete agreement can be enforced and can protect the employer's business against encroachment from competing corporations.

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