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At my firm, we’re dedicated to being as efficient and economic for our clients as possible. Successions can be more complicated than many people think, so I’m proud of my ability to educate and communicate with my clients throughout their cases. I am committed to helping you understand successions and how to probate a will.

In Louisiana, the process through which an estate is addressed after a death is called succession. In other states, it may be called probate. Though the two terms may be used, the processes are very similar and in some cases, identical. A succession is a legal proceeding where the heirs and beneficiaries of an estate are recognized, the estate’s property is identified, and any existing will is probated.

Real estate issues are addressed through the succession process. This can include ensuring that the title to a property is properly recorded and transferred to heirs. Also, the payment of any debts held by the estate is completed.

Out-of-State Clients

I am able to handle successions and the probating of an estate for clients who have had family members pass away in Louisiana. Since I am fluent in the language of the estate planning laws here, and am extremely familiar with the processes, I can handle the process for clients in other states. I stay in close contact through phone, e-mail and fax communications so clients know how their case is progressing, even though they are miles away.

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My office is conveniently located close to I-12. I am available to meet with you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For guidance from a knowledgeable Baton Rouge successions lawyer and Louisiana probate attorney, contact me by e-mail or call my Prairieville estate planning law firm at 225-754-9864.



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